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Make 2020 your year!

Is your goal to organize and preserve your photo collection some day?  At Photo Gym, we want to help you turn “some day” into TODAY!

Hourly, monthly, 6-month and 12-month plans are available!


We now offer professional photo printing, available to order online, right from your phone!

Where you go to get your photos and videos digitized,

organized, safely backed up and beautifully displayed.

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Choose what works best for you.


Membership gives you access to our professional software and equipment as well as guidance and advice from our Professional Photo Organizers.  $10 per hour or as low as $39 per month.  Choose what works best for you!

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If you are overwhelmed and anxious about the vulnerability of your photo collection, but would rather the work be done by a professional, we can do it all for you!  Digitize, organize, preserve and create.  Plans are available for every level of service and budget.

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