Happy 2019!

Since this is a fresh and shiny new year, we thought it was a perfect time to introduce you to fresh and shiny new (to you) software with nearly all of the tools you need to organize your photos and do FUN things with them (you know, after you can find them…)!  We regularly try new software to see if there is something our members will benefit from using.  Always on the lookout for non-subscription type software that will allow you to organize, edit and create interesting ways of sharing and displaying them, and not terribly hard to understand and use.  Not asking too much, eh?

A lot of the time, at the Gym, we are working with Adobe’s products:  Lightroom is an excellent program that we use for organizing, tagging, facial recognition and some editing; If we are restoring or retouching photos, we usually use Photoshop;  To convert video, we are typically working with Premiere.  So, it seemed worthwhile to check out their non-pro software, Elements.  Watch the video below, from Adobe, that highlights the things you can do.

We liked Elements from the start because it offers three levels to get you started where you are most comfortable.  Quick mode includes a pared-down version of the tools offered in Expert mode, focusing just on photo-editing tools that are the most commonly used.  You can also choose the Guided option to get step-by-step guidance for things like tagging people, creating collages or slideshows, correcting closed eyes, change the background in a photo, swap people from one photo to another, and so much more.  Jump in to the Expert mode if you are more hands-on when you get new software (you can always jump back to Quick or Guided if you choose) and you’ll have access to most of the tools you are most likely to need.

What is really interesting are the organizational options.  When you choose Organizer from the Home screen, you are able to browse your photos by Folders or Albums.  If you don’t have them organized very well, don’t worry, Organizer automatically groups them by year, people, places and events for you!  Once they are grouped, it makes it much easier to find the ones you want and from there you can create your very own albums of your favorites!  We tried out facial recognition in Organizer also.  Though it wasn’t perfect, some faces weren’t detected and sometimes it grouped different people together as if they were one, it was still pretty impressive.  We were able to identify most of the faces in a batch of 1,000 photos in under an hour.  Not too shabby!!

Unlike most of the other Adobe products, Elements is not subscription based.  You pay a flat fee for the software and it’s yours.  You can choose to upgrade when future versions are available but you don’t have to if you don’t want to spend the money.  It’s also not terribly expensive, usually around $99 (though today I checked Adobe’s website and they had a 30% off sale so it is only $69.99 through 1/6/2019!)  For all the features you get, we think this one is a winner.

If you’d like to learn more about all of the things you can do with Adobe Photoshop Elements, email us to Schedule a Personal Training session!