Recently we had the opportunity to talk with the local genealogy group about preserving their photos and the stories they tell.  A part of that conversation is about cloud-based storage.  We like to mention Amazon Prime Photos in this segment because many people don’t know about it and are often already Prime members!  It’s a great benefit for Amazon Prime members because it allows you unlimited photo storage and it’s included in your subscription.  If you aren’t an Amazon Prime member you can pay for storage on Amazon too but it’s not unlimited, you get what you actually pay for and can use that amount of space.

Why we love it

(Well, aside from it being included in Amazon Prime and unlimited.  I mean, those two things are reason enough for any Prime member to love it, right?)

But just plopping your photos on some cloud server isn’t very exciting.  You want to be able to share them, view them in groupings that mean something to you and maybe even print some of them.  The good news is you can do all of those things with Amazon Prime Photos!

Take a look at the interface

On the left side you see the various options for sharing with the Family Vault and Groups. Below those are different ways you can view and display your photos.  Type allows you to filter based on the file type (i.e. – photos or videos)  as does Things, which are tags applied automagically based on the “things” in the photo!  Below things there are also options to filter by People and Date Taken.

In the center on the image above is what shows when you click Your Photos on the left sidebar.  The row at the top shows photos you’ve uploaded that were taken on the same date in earlier years, which can be fun.  If you click one of those images you’ll be shown all the photos that were taken on the same date in that year.  When you scroll further down the rest of your photos are shown and can be sorted by “date taken” or “date uploaded”.

On the far right is a timeline and you can scroll down to select a specific year and then the photos from that year will be displayed in the center.  It’s kind of like having your photos sorted in the folder system we use with our Windows OS.  You’ll notice that I have a folder for the year 2045 at the very top.  Since I’m writing this in 2019, something isn’t right.  No need to panic though, Prime Photos allows you to edit the date and time which would correct that problem right away.

What’s a Family Vault?

A really great place to get all your family’s photos in one place!  You can share your vault with up to five additional people and they can also upload unlimited photos and they get 5GB of additional storage for videos, just like you!  They do not need to be Amazon Prime members.  This makes it super easy to choose which of your photos you want to share with your family and also see what they want to share with you.

How’s this different than Groups?

Groups is more of a one-way share.  You can add albums or individual photos to a group and then share the link to that group with up to 100 people.  In groups, those you share with can view, download and comment.  You can have up to 50 groups too, so go crazy and share your memories!

Why use albums?

Albums are nice when you have a specific grouping of photos that you want to enjoy or share together.  New babies, weddings, holidays and vacations all make great groupings.  And don’t forget to share your shiny new album with the other people who attended or are related, they will also enjoy remembering those moments.  If you aren’t using groups to share, you can also share it with a link, email or post it on Facebook!

How about People?

Well, this is one area that leaves a little to be desired.  If we’re being honest (We are!) we don’t like this feature much.  It does a fair job of grouping people but if it’s wrong, you have no way to correct it.  Granted, you don’t have to do any work at all to get the groups you do get, but it tweaks me when I find things in the People category that shouldn’t be there and I really, REALLY, want to correct it.  But it’s not possible at this point so just know that it is not perfect and let it go.

Things, Places and Date Taken Filters

We really do like being able to filter on these subjects.  Of the three, Things is the least useful for the same reasons People is weak.  It’s not always accurate and that’s distracting with no way to correct it, which makes it annoying when it’s incorrect.  Places and Date Taken are based on the information collected by your camera so they are normally correct and can be very, very helpful when you are searching for a specific photo.  We like them and use them both regularly.


Please let us know if you have any questions about Amazon Prime Photos!  If you need help getting started, check our class schedule, email us to Schedule a Personal Training session to find out how to do it yourself or let us do it for you!