Small businesses often struggle with getting their digital assets organized so they can use their images and information effectively.  Photos, documents, and videos are vital to successful marketing and efficient workflow processes.  We can help!  One-time or monthly plans are available.

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Business Asset Organization

Find the right information, right when you need it

If you’ve ever struggled to find a specific photo, video, podcast, graphic, presentation or document and found yourself frustrated by the disorganization of your company’s digital assets, you know it is time-consuming.  And time is money.  Small businesses seldom have a budget, staff or the time to devote to digital asset management.  But the need to access the assets is real.

Print Assets

Filing cabinets and storage full to overflowing?  We offer scanning of photos, slides, negatives and documents.  Once your media is scanned, it can be incorporated in your digital library where it’s easily located on your computers.

We will:

  • Organize your assets in the way it best benefits your organization (date, department, functional purpose, person, event, etc.)
  • Scan everything using professional quality scanners
  • Name each file with available information
  • Add everything to your digital library (if available)
  • Backup of all the newly scanned information
  • Return original assets in archival-safe storage (or dispose of them, if preferred)
  • Teach you, and your staff, how to use the new structure to stay organized

Digital Assets

Working remotely, we will

  • Transfer your entire collection to a hard drive.  You can be anywhere and enjoy taking this first step without missing a single day of work.
  • Create a single library that holds all of your photos, videos and documents
  • Organize everything into folders by year and month
  • Separate photos, videos and documents
  • Remove duplicates
  • Name everything with available information (date, location, event, purpose, etc.)
  • Back it all up so it’s secure
  • Teach you, and your staff, how to use the new structure to STAY organized

Optionally, we will keyword photos and videos with people’s names, product names, special events or anything you like!

Imagine, your business organized, safely backed up and easy to browse so you can find exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.  It’s so easy and you will be able to relax, knowing your digital assets are protected and accessible.

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