Our imaging professionals take the work out of presenting high-quality images at your funeral and memorial services.  We make it easy to display and provide several options so you can offer choices to your families.

Beautifully displayed.  Impossibly easy.

Our wireless digital display is beautiful to look at and easy to operate!  We take care of making the photo fit properly, look gorgeous and display on the screen.  You simply select the correct image with a wave of your hand at the appropriate time.

Terms and Conditions

This service is intended for funeral and/or memorial service providers.  Prices listed are based on a one-year contract in which all funerals and/or memorials include a digital display.  The digital display remains the property of Photo Gym, LLC and will be returned if the service is terminated at the end of the contract.  Wireless internet access is required; Photo Gym, LLC can provide assistance with installation of a wireless router but network accessibility is the responsibility of the funeral and/or memorial service provider.

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