Picture Perfect

Digital Display

Our imaging professionals take the work out of presenting high-quality images at your funeral and memorial services.

Beautifully displayed.  Impossibly easy.

The Display

Our wireless digital display is beautiful to look at and easy to operate! 

Our frames have a specialized anti-glare matte display and ambient light sensor to ensure your display is picture perfect from any angle. 

With the optional swivel mount, you can switch between horizontal or vertical orientation.

Because Quality Matters



Every image, perfectly presented on a screen specially designed to display art.




Choice of Frame Color

Vertical Display

Horizontal Display

Quality Construction

The Service

We take care of making the image fit properly, look gorgeous and display on the screen.  If you have more than one service a day, you simply select the correct image with a wave of your hand at the appropriate time. 

Each image is professionally designed and includes adding the photo, the person’s name, birth and death dates and visitation, funeral or memorial arrangements.  Premium service includes cus


Terms and Conditions


This service is intended for funeral and/or memorial service providers.  Prices listed are based on a two-year contract in which a minimum of 50 services display an image on the frame.  If you have fewer than 50 services per year, please contact us for pricing information.  Frame purchase is required at contract signing.*  Payments for frame purchase may be available.  AC Power and Wireless internet access is required.  Photo Gym, LLC can provide assistance with installation of a wireless router but network accessibility is the responsibility of the funeral and/or memorial service provider.


*Frame prices start at $495 and vary depending on size and frame color.



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