As we were preparing to open the Photo Gym brick and mortar (yay!) in Warrensburg, Missouri we researched inspirational ideas for less-common ways to use photos to decorate your home that we could include in the area in front of the Gym that we call the “Inspiration Station”.   One of those ideas was a Collagewall® Display from Miller’s Professional Imaging.  We regularly order Photo Books, Albums, prints and a variety of single wall hangings in gorgeous metals, wood and acrylic but this idea was something new.  There are over 30 options for arrangements and you can choose hardboard, vivid or matte metal for your collage.  All of those options are beautiful and it wasn’t easy to choose but we did eventually settle on the hardboard and a 3’x2′ arrangment for the space we had in mind.

Collagewall® Displays

Why We Love It

It arrived neatly packaged with a grid template, the photos were attached to a black paper with areas where you punch out the mounting brackets on the back, some pretty silver push pins in a rectangular piece of foam that had painter’s tape wound around it.  There were also two strips of small, foam, square pads.  On top of the stack of supplies was an instruction sheet that explained how to hang the grid and use the pins to mark the appropriate places to hang each photo, following the layout that was included on the page.  It was all very easy to understand and I set out hanging it…by myself.

First, I used a level and made sure the grid was actually level.  I hung the grid using the supplied painter’s tape.

After that, I marked the appropriate spots and then took the grid back down and pushed the pins in where I had marked.

The photos had varying numbers of mounts depending on the size of the photo and I punched each mounting square off of the larger sheet then put foam pads on the back of the smaller images.


Finally, I hung them on the wall in the space indicated in the instructions.

It went quickly, the whole process took about 15 minutes from start to finish and it looks SO nice!!

If you’ve ever put up a wall arrangement in a collage layout, you’ll appreciate that last statement.  15 Minutes.  No adjusting to get everything aligned perfectly.  No muttering.  No crying.  Just smiles for miles…

Prices range from $140 for a 2×1″ arrangement all the way up to $2700 for a metallic 10’x3′ (that’s a lotta collage!!) and about every possibility between.

I can see many more of these in my future!  If you live in the Warrensburg area and would like to see this one, come see us at 114 N Holden.  If you would like to order one for yourself, email us to Schedule a Personal Training session to find out how to do it yourself or let us do it for you!