In the past couple of weeks we have created several custom collages.  We’ve (semi)-jokingly begun to refer to April as “collage season.”  With that in mind, this week’s post is going to give you some tips and tools to create your own collages, quickly and easily, even if you aren’t craftsy or creative!


If you haven’t already, you MUST give Canva a try. Seriously. Like right now…I’ll wait.

Okay, so now that you’ve seen it, you know how awesome it is. We use it for a lot of our marketing graphics but it is really great with personal collages and a whole lot more.


Smilebox is another tool that I think a lot of people don’t know about yet. It has very nice layouts that are designed to be shared online, which is really awesome when you are sending it to someone who doesn’t live nearby. There are options for just about any theme that look great, straight out of the box!

Adobe Spark

It’s Adobe so it has to be good. Although some Adobe products come with a high price tag and a steep learning curve, Spark has neither. This collage is a template, you just change the photos and the words and you’re done.  Easy peasy.


We made this collage in about 2 minutes and we had never been to their site before.  Just sayin’, if you’re looking for quick and easy, BeFunky is it!  It also has a Photo Editor that does some pretty interesting things like blur edges, beautify and more.  Check it out for yourself!