Happy Fourth of July to all our U.S. followers!  Holidays are a great time to get together with family and friends and that usually results in many photos being snapped on cameras, phones, and tablets.  We natually want to capture the good times so we can relive them later.  In the days that follow we often find we have a multitude of duplicates and, when we are talking about fireworks – hundreds of blurry night scenes with colorful streaks.   If you’re like me, you are just trying to get ONE great shot of the show!  So, we thought today was a good time to talk about holiday photos and how to preserve, protect and enjoy them.

In the aftermath of any holiday you may find yourself immobilized with indecision, unable to decide which ones to keep and what to do with the ones you don’t want and how to get the ones you do want back in your life where they can be treasured and enjoyed.

First, you have to decide which to keep and what to discard.

This is what we do at the Gym, maybe it will help you too:

  1. Remove the blurry ones.  That’s the easiest and quickest first step.  You don’t need special apps, you can delete them directly from your phone or camera.
  2. Now, look at the remaining ones and identify the duplicates.  Concentrate on a single set of duplicates at a time and choose 1-2 of the group to keep.  Delete the rest (you can do it!)
  3. Finally, if you still have more than you’d like, review the set of photos for context.  If you have photos that are showing the same people doing the same things, consider thinning the number by choosing your favorites from each scenario.

Now, hopefully you have a smaller set of photos that you like and you are beginning to see the story they tell.  What’s next?  Think for a minute about how you like to view your photos.

If you need some inspiration, here are a few ideas:

  • Photo Book – If you are thinking about the plastic-covered prints in thick albums gathering dust on your shelves, you should take a look at all the new and interesting things you can do with photo books now!  We use, and like, Picaboo and MPix.  If cost is a concern, look for coupons and specials, which both companies offer regularly.  Photo Books are a fantastic way to print your photos, which preserves them, protects them and allows you to enjoy and share them.  Win. Win. Win.
  • Video Montage – Formerly known as a “slideshow” these have come such a long, long way since the days of slides in a carosel, clicking around in a circle.  Now, you can combine the mini videos you captured on your phone with photos from the event, add text and music and you have your very own MOVIE.  They are both beautiful and easy to create.  Try Smilebox or Adobe Spark – both offer some free options!
  • Photo Collage – Also easy to create using free software.  These allow you to combine a group of photos and create a single image which you can post to social media, print and frame or share online with friends and family.  Smilebox also offers free collage options, we also like PicCollage for some fast and fun designs.
  • Digital Display – If you have an Apple TV in your home, you may already kno
  • w that you can create a custom display by putting all of the photos into one folder, sharing it, and then selecting it for the screensaver.  We do this often at the Gym and really enjoy sharing the themes from many years of the same holiday.  We also enjoy viewing our photos and videos on our TVs, Tablets and phones via our Synology NAS (Network Attached Storage).  If you haven’t learned about them yet, check out this post from a few weeks ago where we talked about them in more detail.

This holiday is a great time to take a step toward finding peace with your photo collection.  If you need help getting started, email us to Schedule a Personal Training session to find out how to do it yourself or let us do it for you!