Live Photos.  If you have an iPhone and you’ve been perplexed by this new-fangled term, you are definitely not alone!  Live photos are mini-video clips that are captured when you take a photo.  You choose it by tapping on a little icon at the top but it seems to have been enabled by default so many people think they are taking still photos and later realize they have a series of these little video clips instead.  So today’s post is all about these (sometimes) fun and sometimes annoying memory bytes.

How to turn Live Photos off and on

Our Photo and Video Assistant, Sydnie, created the video clip shown here to help you visualize where the icon is on your iPhone.  First, open your camera on your phone.  That’s where you go to take a photo and where you can choose the type of photo or video you want to take.  At the top is a series of icons.  The second is the Live Photos option.

If it’s yellow, that means Live Photos are turned on.  To turn it off, tap it.  The icon will turn white and a diagonal line will appear.  Now it’s turned off!


How to convert Live Photos to still photos

So, what to do if you’ve been happily snapping away and have live photos instead of still ones?  Don’t despair, you can convert them to still photos on your phone.  It’s pretty quick and easy too!  Follow these three simple steps Sydnie has detailed for you.

Step 1

Open the live photo you’d like to change into a still photo in the Photos app.

This is what the Photos app looks like:


Step 2

Tap the share button in the bottom left hand corner.

This is what the Share icon looks like:


Step 3

Scroll right until you see the Duplicate option, then tap it and select “Duplicate as Still Photo”.

This is what the Duplicate icon looks like:


It really is that easy!  When you duplicate the photo, you will have the Live Photo copy and the still copy.  You can choose to keep both or delete the Live Photo!

If you need more help with your smart phone, let us know! We offer free classes for our members and you can also schedule one-on-one personal training with a Certified Professional Photo Organizer to get the help you need.  Call or email us to Schedule a Personal Training session to find out how to do it yourself or let us do it for you!