Photo Fitness Equipment

We are always on the lookout for tools to help you get your photos fit.
Below are some of the companies we’ve partnered with to bring you the best possible products.  If you see it here, we’ve tried it and recommend it.  Shop with confidence!


We love this Wi-Fi enabled photo frame because it allows you to share photos and videos via the internet.  No more cards or USB drives!  You can also send photos from your smartphone via the Nixplay app.

Our clients like to give them as gifts to relatives who don’t live nearby so they can send photos to the frame’s email address.  We have one in our home and we love seeing photos of our children and grandchildren pop up unexpectedly.  It’s like a gift everytime it happens.

Nixplay offers a variety of sizes and frame finishes and prices range from $139 -$239


One of the easiest ways possible to back up everything, including your photo collection.  We’ve tried various back up methods and have found this one to be the most reliable.  It just chugs along in the background, making sure everything you save to your computer is backed up.  It’s easy to recover a file and it works with both PC and Mac.  Two thumbs up!

All of those features also come at a very low pricetag of only $5 per month (or $50 per year).  And, you can try it free!  You have nothing to lose, except maybe some of that anxiety you’ve been carrying around worrying about the security of your photos 🙂

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If you aren’t using Backblaze, you should absolutely try GoodSync.  For those of you who back up your collection to Amazon Prime, it’s an absolute must-have tool.  It keeps track of which photos have been changed or uploaded and only uploads the ones that aren’t already there.  It will allow you to create more than one back up too so you can back up to Amazon (among MANY others) and your local external hard drive backup (a fundamental principal of the 3-2-1 backup strategy.) And, you can set up scheduled back ups so you never have to remember if you backed up or not.

This is one piece of software we can’t do without.  It also works with PC, Mac and even Linux!

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Hard drives, flash drives, photos boxes and gloves!  If you need something you don’t see here, let us know and we’ll add it to our Local Amazon Associates store!  You get all the great features of shopping at Amazon and we get a commission for helping you find it!