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Photo Fitness Box

New at Photo Gym!  An easy alternative that allows you to choose your most cherished memories and get them preserved locally.  No need to  ship your photos, slides, negatives and videos, they are all converted by us, at the local Gym.  Throw in your SD Cards or Flash drives, we’ll organize them by year and month too.  

Fill your box and let us do our magic!  We’ll transfer your VHS tapes, scan photos/slides/negatives and return it all to you on a flash drive or digital download that you can share and enjoy on your television, tablet, phone, computer or the internet!



Video, Film & Audio Conversion

If you have video tapes, reel-to-reel film or audio tapes you can no longer watch or listen to them, we can convert them to digital files so you can enjoy the memories!

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Print and Digital Organization

Need to get organized but unsure where to begin?  We offer free information, classes and one-on-one training to help you get started on the right foot.  Or, simply hire us to do it for you!

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We use high-quality, professional, photo scanners to ensure the best results when digitizing your photos so they can be backed up safely and give you the peace-of-mind you deserve.

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A collage is a fantastic way to showcase a few of your best photos and tell a story about your life that you can share with friends and family.  Custom designed for the special moments in your life, they can be printed or shared online.

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Video Montages

Like the slideshows of yesterday on steriods!  Combine photos, videos, music, text, voice overs or writing to share your personal story.  Display them on the internet, on your television or a projection screen.  And, they make amazing gifts!

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Retouching and restoration breathes new life into worn and damaged photos.  We can scan and restore print photos to make them like-new again or help correct imperfections in digital photos.

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Photo Books

One of the best ways to share your story.  We offer classes, membership plans and custom design services.

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Business Services

If your business is struggling with organization of it’s photos, videos, audio files or documents; we can help with one-time or monthly services.  We also create promotional and marketing videos!

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