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If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your inability to find and enjoy your digital photos or videos, we can help.  Our Certified Personal Photo Organizer will consolidate, organize and secure your photo collection so you can sit back and enjoy your life’s stories.

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Take Control of the Chaos with a
Photo Makeover

The average family has 4-5 devices, photos and videos scattered on various computers and websites and often no clue where a specific photo is located in the mire of their photo library.

If your collection is cluttered with duplicates, photos that are blurry or unimportant to you; you are not alone.

You may ask yourself how in the world you will ever get it sorted.  Our answer is a Certified Personal Photo Organizer.  We will consolidate your photos and videos into a single hub and organize them all!

Our trained photo professionals will do all the heavy lifting so you can start fresh.

Working remotely, we will guide you in transferring your entire collection to a hard drive we will mail you.  You can live anywhere and enjoy taking this first step from the comfort of your own home.

We will:

  • Create a single library
  • Organize everything into folders by year
  • Remove duplicates
  • Separate photos and videos
  • Back it all up so it’s secure
  • Teach you how to use the new structure to STAY organized

Imagine, your photos organized, safely backed up and easy to browse to enjoy your family’s memories again.

We can also help with photo books, video montages, tagging, facial recognition and more!

It’s so easy and you will be able to relax, knowing your photos are protected, preserved and accessible.


Stress-free Steps to Digital Photo Fitness

Get it Together

Part of the reason our photos and videos are out of control is because they are scattered on multiple devices, web sites, camera cards, CD/DVDs…e.t.c.!  We will begin by getting them all copied into a single folder.

Trim the Fat

Getting rid of the duplicates and clutter frees up storage space on your devices and allows you to enjoy the truly valuable videos and photos in your collection.

Straighten Up

Instead of folders and files with names that mean nothing, we will create a structure of years and months and rename your files to include the date they were taken.  Optionally, we can also add names, events and other information.

Protect It

You know your photo collection is vulnerable if it isn’t backed up.  We lift that worry from your shoulders by backing up then spend time teaching you how to manage and maintain it so it’s safe, secure and enjoyable.

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Highlight the best of the best and share them online!

Photo Books

Timeless.  A perfect way to share the memories of once-in-a-lifetime moments or glimpses into the everyday with future generations.

Video Montage

Create a legacy of your family’s story from photos, videos and audio.  Undoubtably the most engaging way to share your memories.

How will you tell your story once your photos are organized?

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