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In today’s fast-paced world, many of us simply don’t have time to organize our photos the way we would like.  If this is you, don’t give up on the dream! We will organize your photos for you.  This service may include any, or all, of the items listed below. You decide based on your goals, timeline and budget!

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Stress-free Steps to Photo Fitness for Prints

Get it Together

Part of the reason our photos and videos are out of control is because they have been collected slowly over a long period of time and often by multiple people.  We will begin by getting them all gathered into a single location.

Trim the Fat

Getting rid of the duplicates and clutter frees up  space allows you to enjoy the truly valuable videos and photos in your collection.

Straighten Up

Instead of bins, boxes and albums of photos tucked away, we will provide you with a well-organized system of photos that are protected in archival-quality boxes.  Labeled clearly and in groupings that make sense to you.

Protect It

Print photos are vulnerable.  The paper and emulsion that is used to print them deteriorates over time.  Scanning them is an excellent way to extend their life and provide additional methods of sharing and backing up all your memories.

Overwhelmed with print and digital photos?  We can help with both!

How does it work?

Though individual client’s goals vary, in most instances, we will follow the process outlined below.

Make Contact
We’ll start with the free 30-minute consultation in which I will listen as you tell me about your photos, videos and the goals you have for them.  We’ll schedule a time and place to meet in person and I’ll email you a link to the Photo Assessment Form.  I’ll review your completed Assessment before we meet and arrive at our meeting with a personalized Photo Fitness Plan for you.

Meet and Get Started

Our first meeting usually lasts 60-90 minutes.  We’ll use that time to talk about your Photo Fitness Plan, gather your photos, videos and memoriabilia.  I’ll answer any questions you may have and we’ll talk about your timeline and budget and decide on next steps.  I’ll take your collection with me.  Payment for the first session is expected at this time.


Following the plan we have agreed on, I’ll organize your printed photos in archival quality storage boxes you’ve approved for your collection.  If you have chosen to have your photos digitized, I will also begin working on scanning them.  I’ll regularly email you with status updates so you’ll know how it’s going and can enjoy the process with me.

Organization consists of:

  • Creation of a single repository for your entire printed photo collection, housed in photo-safe storage.
  • Organization by date or theme (whichever you prefer), clearly labeled with photo-safe index cards.
  • Removal of duplicates (they will be returned to you)
  • Separation of photos, videos and other memorabilia.

 Wrap Up

Once your project is complete I’ll contact you to schedule a convenient time to deliver your originals and any items I’ve created for you.  We will review the work together and discuss possible next steps.  Payment for the final invoice is due at this time.

Imagine your family’s delight at being able to find the photos that tell their stories and help them relive their memories, right at their fingertips.  It’s so easy and you will be able to relax, knowing your photos are protected, preserved and accessible.

Plans and Pricing


Highlight the best of the best and share them online!

Photo Books

Timeless.  A perfect way to share the memories of once-in-a-lifetime moments or glimpses into the everyday with future generations.

Video Montage

Create a legacy of your family’s story from photos, videos and audio.  Undoubtably the most engaging way to share your memories.

How will you tell your stories once your photos are organized and digitized?

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