Video & Audio Conversion

If you have video or audio tapes and no way to play them, let us convert them to digital.  Unlock your memories!

Rush delivery is available!

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Rediscover your memories

So often when we convert video to digital, the response is shock and awe.  Commonly, someone says, “I didn’t even know I had that!”  Usually, through tears.  If you have video or audio tapes and aren’t sure what gems are locked inside, we can help.

How does it work?

  1. Bring your media to the Gym.
  2. When you come in, we’ll ask a few basic questions about your tapes and how you’d like them organized once they are converted.
  3. We’ll get to work on liberating your memories from the tapes!  We will convert video to MP4 files using H.264 compression.  You choose to have them delivered via the web, on a flash drive or hard drive so you can play them on nearly any device with a USB drive (computers and some televisions too!)  DVDs are also available if you prefer them.
  4. Audio can be converted to WAV or MP3.  You may choose to have it delivered via the web, on a flash drive or on a CD.
  5. You get an immense amount of happiness hearing, viewing and sharing your carefully preserved family memories.

What do we convert?

  • VHS
  • VHS-C
  • Hi8
  • Video 8
  • Audio Cassette Tapes

Let us know if you have other formats (8MM, 16MM, etc.), we work with other local companies so you don’t have to ship your precious memories through the mail.

We never ship away your memories for conversion.  Each tape is handled with care by a Certified Personal Photo Organizer.

Why Choose Us?

Trained and Certified

We don’t just convert the tape, we care for the story it contains.  We take the time to understand the content, divide clips and label them so they are meaningful to you.

Attention to Detail

If you have a stack of tapes and aren’t sure what’s on them, we will review them first to be sure they aren’t reruns of Friends before we digitize them.

Custom Solutions

Once you have your videos digitized, how would you like to enjoy them?  We can help by designing custom solutions that include streaming to your Smart TV, tablets, phones and computers.  Easy and affordable!

Did you know you can watch your videos on your TV?

You may be asking yourself what a “whole house solution” can do for you.  If you are interested in viewing your digitized movies (and photos too) on all of the devices you use in your day-to-day life, this is the answer.

Building on the technology you already have in your home, we will select an appropriate drive and configure it to work with your devices.

We’ll show you how it works and leave an instruction sheet that you can refer to.

You’ll never have to wonder again how you can enjoy your precious family memories.  It will be as easy as turning on your TV, clicking on your computer, picking up your tablet or browsing your smart phone.

Your story, back in your life, just the way it should be.