Legacy Box Collection


The Legacy Box Collection is a collection of exclusive products designed to help you organize and archive printed photos and memorabilia.  The boxes were designed by photo organizers and made exclusively for APPO. These products are only available in the contiguous U.S.

All boxes and accessories are manufactured in Pennsylvania using photo-safe materials that have passed PAT testing.

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The Legacy Box Collection is a collection of beautiful, archival boxes and accessories to help you preserve and protect your family’s photos and memoriabilia.  Each is designed by the The Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO) to address specific needs encountered by professional organizers helping their clients.  Not only are they beautiful and well-constructed, you will find thoughtful elements such as 5″x7″ compartments in the boxes so you can store the majority of photo sizes together; the individual compartments for each grouping ensure smaller photos won’t slip under the index cards; and, the Legacy Box Envelope offers a place to store pieces up to 12″x15″, which tucks neatly on top of the large legacy box, underneath the lid so it all stays together.

I think you will love these boxes for your photos and memoriabilia.  If you’d like to see one and are in the Mid-Missouri area please contact me and I’ll be glad to meet you.


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