Photo Fitness Kit


Everything you need to get your printed photos organized and safely stored.  At last, you can relax, knowing your photos are safe and your family’s memories can be shared for generations to come.

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Do you have boxes, albums and piles of printed photos and no idea how to organize them?  The Photo Fitness Kit can help!  Designed by a Personal Photo Organizer, it comes with all the equipment and information you need to organize your printed photos and store them safely so they can be shared and enjoyed, stress-free!

What’s inside?

Photo Sorting Box

BPA free, acid free, PVC free, lignin free and recycled. This is a specially-designed system that gives you all the tools you need to get up to 1,600 of your photos sorted and organized. The cases are sized according to commonly printed photo sizes, designed to protect your photos from wear, chemicals and moisture. The box keeps the whole system together so it’s compact and easy to work with and has a handle, making it portable too!

  • 10 – 4×6” Cases (each case holds 100 photos)
  • 20 – 4×6” Index Cards
  • 4 – 5 x 7” Cases
  • 8 – 5 x7” Index Cards
  • Large Item Case
    1 – 12×13” Case
    For photos that are too large to fit in the smaller cases.

Photo Organization System

  • Step-by-step instructions that provide guidance on how to establish a system that works for you and shows you how to use the Photo Fitness Kit. Processes based on systems used by professional photo organizers will have you enjoying and sharing your photos quickly and easily.


  • 1 – Whiteboard, eraser and marker
    The first step to get started is to organize your family timeline. Use this board as a way to help you keep track of family milestones as you sort.
  • 1 – Stabilio Photo-Safe Pencil, sharpener & eraser
    A water-soluble pencil that will mark clearly, densely and legibly on photos. It allows you to jot notes on the back of individual photos so their stories live on.
  • 1 – Post-It® Note cube
    Write notes to yourself about the photos as you sort. Especially helpful if you are scanning photos and want to name or tag your digital files with specific information such as a place or event.
  • 1 – Trash bag
    Yes, you will throw away some of your photos. APPO founder, Cathi Nelson, recommends narrowing your collection to the best 30 percent. Throw away photos if they are duplicates, too blurry to identify people or places, or are damaged beyond repair. Focus on finding and preserving the photos that invoke memories and inspire you to share your life’s story!
  • 1 – Pair of White Cotton Gloves
    To protect your photos from the oils in your hands as your sorting.
  • 1 – Pocket Organizer
    To keep all your supplies organized too!
  • 1 – Sheet of Labels
    To label each case after you have it sorted.

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