A couple of weeks ago I finished a VHS conversion project for a client and, when I delivered them to her, she handed me a bag and asked if I had heard about the peaches in Waverly, Missouri. I hadn’t and she filled me in about them, nodding to the bag with a smile as she said, “These are from J’s.” I carried them proudly home to share with Dan and we ate them for breakfast. We both agreed they were delicious and made plans to visit Waverly during peach season.

You may be asking yourself what this story about peaches has to do with photo organization.

Well, those peaches were my very first tip from a Photo Gym client.  So, not only did I enjoy them because they were delicious but also because it showed appreciation for my work.  And that’s always nice!

When I got home, I arranged them in a little glass dish and snapped a photo of them on the table, in the sunlight to show off the gorgeous array of colors.  My thinking was this would be a great photo to frame, like people often frame the first dollar they earned in a new business venture.


The reason all of this is important to you is because, like this peach photo, many of the photos you treasure are valuable to you because they contain stories.  Have you ever stopped to think that that no one will ever know that value unless you tell the story?

I’m sure my daughters would toss this photo without another thought if they didn’t know why I took it and why it was important to me. They may still toss it! But, they will know the story – MY story – and that’s all we really want from our photos, isn’t it?  Whether the story is about peaches or your great-grandfather, we all want to share the stories of our lives and family members that came before us with the next generation so they have a better understanding of us, where they came from and themselves.

If you decide to make this a goal for your photo collection, you can easily add a little information to your printed photos by simply writing on the back of them with a photo-safe pencil.  We use, and like, Stablio pencils for this purpose.

If you have digital photos to add a story to, like the peach photo, you can type it in the metadata easily.

On a Windows PC

  1. Right-click the photo,
  2. Scroll down to Properties and then
  3. Click the Details tabOnce opened, you will see several areas where you can add text.  We like to use Description for longer text and Keywords for individual words.  You will also find Comments and Title – sometimes used by software that display your photos.  If you have a specific use in mind, check to see which fields your software or device uses and put your metadata in the appropriate place.
  4. Type in your information and click OK to save it.

On a Mac, the Photos app makes it easy

  1. Open Photos
  2. Click the photo you want to add information about
  3. Click the “i” icon in the upper menu on the right
    A box labeled “Info” will pop up with options to add Title, Description and Keyword.
  4. Type in your text, press enter and then close the box and you’re all set!

Just a little time spent by you now can make a world of difference in the value of your photos to future generations.  Even if you never go back and tag photos you took in the past, by starting with the ones you take from this point forward, you will create a rich and fantastic heritage collection for your family.  If you need help getting started, email us to Schedule a Personal Training session to find out how to do it yourself or let us do it for you!