Wireless External Hard Drive

Have you ever sat staring at a pile of flash drive, SD cards, CDs, smart phones or hard drives wondering how it might be possible to actually SEE all the photos and videos they held?  I have.  Once I had all that content copied off the varies storage mechanisms and into a single hub, it still proved a struggle to make them accessible in ways that were integral to my day-to-day life.  I like to view things on my phone and tablet or on my TV.  I think a lot of people are like me!  So, we at Photo Gym began researching ways to help with this challenge.

A couple of weeks ago we learned about wireless external hard drives.  If you don’t know what those can do for you and your ability to view your memories, hang on to your hat and be prepared to be blown away.

You probably already know what an external hard drive is:  those little rectangular boxes that you usually plug into your computer to back up your documents, photos, videos and other miscellaneous files.  So, you might be asking yourself why the wireless bit is important.

A wireless hard drive connects to your devices via Bluetooth or WiFi.  Simple enough, eh?

The reason it’s spectacular is because connecting via WiFi eliminates the need for cables.  Meaning, all your wifi-enabled devices can connect to it.  Even the old ones.  Even those without cables; like your Smart TV.  And, once you’re connected to it, the drive is equipped with apps that allow you to stream your photos and videos to any device connected to it.  Like your phone.  Or your tablet.  Or your television.  Get the picture?

Another aspect we love is that some are battery-powered so you could take the drive with you on trips and have your entire hub with you.  Think holidays and family reunions where you could share every image or video you possess.  Powerful memory-sharing stuff right there.

There are a lot of good brands out there.  We are currently testing the Synology brand diskless system because we have a massive Plex (media streaming) library and it was compatible and allowed us to use any external drive we wanted.  Since we already had drives that were large enough to hold our data we were happy to be able to use them.  It’s more expensive than some other types and some people would probably be happy with less storage.  I’d love to hear from anyone out there that has tried other brands!

I highly recommend you look up “wireless external hard drives” and learn more about all the benefits.  If you need help getting started, email us to Schedule a Personal Training session to find out how to do it yourself or let us do it for you!