One of the things we focus intently on at Photo Gym is finding new ways to get your memories out of their boxes, off your phones and cameras and back in your life so you can enjoy them.  We get it, it’s a challenge to find the *right* photos that you want to look at every day.  If they aren’t organized, it’s even harder.  Often, there are so many on our phones we just want to get them OFF so we can use the device, nevermind the memories stored there!

But we all know it’s important to share and remember the everyday and special events that make up our lives.  That’s why we take photos in the first place, eh?  You have some good options for displaying and sharing you probably already know about:

  • Photo Books
  • Social Media
  • Wall arrangements in frames, on canvas, acrylic options that are very nice and even printed on wood!
  • Collages
  • Video Slideshows and screen savers

But I wonder how many of you have heard of these new(ish) Wi-Fi digital frames.  We have tried a couple of brands but we really like the Nixplay Iris!  If you haven’t learned about them yet, read on, we think you will be amazed at how far these things have come since the SD card days.

What is a WiFi digital frame?  It allows you to send images through email, mobile or social media.  No more SD cards or USB drives.  You pair a frame to your account and in just a few minutes, you’ll be able to send photos straight to the frame from the Nixplay app on your phone!  It works with iPhone and Android.

We love it because it offers a beautiful frame, is easy to use and we can manage it for our clients if they aren’t so technically savvy.  We think it’s great for those of you who have family or friends who aren’t able to be with you during important moments of your life.  You can send photos of your holiday, birthday or the kid’s baseball game, from anywhere in the world, directly to their grandparent’s frame to enjoy for as long as they like.  You can add other Nixplay users as friends and share directly with them and even manage multiple frames yourself.

Another thing we are really loving is the Smart Hu-Motion activity sensor that turns on the frame when it senses activity in the room.  It’s so much fun for it to pop on and display a new photo of our family smiling back at us.

If that’s not enough, you can display photos in either portrait or landscape orientation and the frame adjusts automatically.  It’s super slim and it can also be controlled by Alexa!

We are pretty excited about this option for sharing and enjoying your memories.  If you are interested in checking it out, message and we’ll schedule a demo.  Or, come by Open Gym if you’re local and see it for yourself!

Though we focus mainly on the Iris frame in this post, there are other types of frames that are also WiFi on the Nixplay site.  Some come in fun colors and others are quite large, prices vary from $144-239.  Check them out and think about them from a gift-giving perspective too.

Nixplay WiFi Frames Website